Rose Shiraz Cuvee Brut 2016

Rose Shiraz Cuvee Brut 2016


for a box of 6.

Individual bottle price is $29.00


Shiraz 2016 grapes were pressed and skins removed to minimize the colour. The juices were fermented in tank with their natural yeasts. On completion of primary fermentation, the wine was bottled, further yeasts added then corked, to complete the secondary fermentation in the bottle. A small part of the batch was disgorged and labeled. The remaining wine was left for an extended time on lees, before disgorging and labeling. The resultant wine is a beautifully matured dry vintage sparkling, showing delicate but distinctive Shiraz characteristics, The Cuvee Shiraz Rose Brut 2016.

It is perfect to enjoy year around as a delicious aperitiv, to compliment pates and terrines, or to compliment roasted winter quinces.

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